Body Care
Bellevue Body Treatments

Enjoy a complete sensory experience at Bellevue's Yuan Spa. Please consider one of our body treatments below.

Massage Therapy

Nurture your body and soul with the healing touch of our massage therapists. We provide Eastern and Western massage treatments and includes a complimentary visit to our hydrotherapy area.

Body Wraps & Scrubs

Our Body Therapy treatments go far beyond pampering and indulgence. They reflect our passion for, and knowledge of, the human body and the ability of plants and essential oils to naturally treat, heal, and revitalize the soul.


We welcome you to discover the healing benefits of our beautiful hydrotherapy setting. This urban water sanctuary soothes your body and soul, making it a wonderful prelude to your treatment. Some of the benefits include muscular stimulation, absorption of elements, detoxification, and skin conditioning. Warmth exudes calmness in the therapeutic sauna and eucalyptus stream rooms.

5 Elements

Based on the ancient Chinese philosophy of 5 Elements this series is aimed to decrease tension from various ailments such as neck and lower back pain, headaches, and even anxiety. The Five Elements Ritual series allows one to feel more connected to their purpose and who they are as a whole. See which element resonates most with you..