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Hair & Scalp Therapy

Powerful blends of customized Yuan Spa nourishing oils and botanicals, along with luxurious leave-in hair masks from The Circle Chronicles will help the health of hair and scalp whether you’re looking for relief from dandruff or eczema, recovery from color damage or thinning hair, or a soothing volume & hydration boost. Warmed oil is applied to the scalp using a combination of pressure point and vigorous Chinese Gua Sha techniques. The scalp and hair are then masked and brushed with a customized mix of The Renaissance Circle: extreme repair for hopeless hair and the Circle Chronicles mask of your choice:

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Circle Chronicles Hair Masks | from Davines

Please select one mask with your Hair and Scalp Therapy – multiple masks can also be combined and the remaining product taken home after the service

    The Spotlight Circle: for extra shine 

        • Do you have a party or an event coming up in which you want to appear your best?
        • Gives extraordinary shine, ready for life’s special moments
        • With moringa oil – from the miracle tree rich in fatty acids, minerals and protein to give shine

    The Quick Fix Circle: for multi-tasking treatment 

        • Are you always in a hurry or just have a super busy week ahead?
        • Perfectly hydrated and smooth hair in no time
        • With red clay and hyaluronic acid for hydration

    The Let it Go Circle: for relaxing softness 

        • Do you need time to relax after the stress of a full day?
        • Softness and comfort for hair and scalp that need a break
        • With grey clay and brahmi oil with rebalancing and anti-stress properties

    The Restless Circle: for elasticizing anti-breakage

        • Do you have an active lifestyle spent between the gym and daily activities?
        • It strengthens and gives elasticity to hair that is stressed by an active lifestyle
        • With chia seed extract – rich in amino acids and antioxidants – helps to make hair stronger and resistant to breakage

    The Wake-Up Circle: for revitalizing stressed hair

        • Are you a frequent traveler often away from home? Or a lover of nightlife and late parties?
        • New energy and volume for stressed hair and scalp
        • Violet clay for a rebalancing action and rhodiola extract having anti-stress properties

    The Purity Circle: for anti-pollution & purification

        • Pollution, smog, smoke haze making your hair dull?
        • Purifies hair and scalp from heavy metals and free radicals
        • Bamboo charcoal for its detoxifying properties and matcha tea extract to neutralize free radicals

    Our Favorite Mask Combinations:

    The Detox: The Purity Circle & The Quick Fix Circle

    The Repair: The Wake Up Circle & The Quick Fix Circle

    The Great Escape: The Wake Up Circle & The Spotlight Circle

    The Shine On: The Purity Circle & The Spotlight Circle


    At Yuan Spa your appointment becomes an escape, your visit becomes a ritual, and you allow yourself to
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