Stone Massage

Blending the foundations of Asia’s ancient healing philosophies with the West’s modern spa technologies, you embark on a holistic sensory journey that will transform your body, mind and spirit.

This journey begins in the great tradition of Chinese bathing. We offer a stunning hydrotherapy space with two soaking pools, a therapeutic dry sauna, cold drench shower and Eucalyptus steam room. You are welcome to indulge in our soothing bath products and body polishing salts in this tranquil urban retreat.

Spa Massage

East meets West at Yuan Spa. Experience decadent massage therapy, advanced skin care, and herbal body treatments gathered from around the globe, guided by our highly qualified multinational therapists.

Find an escape – a ritual – at Yuan Spa. Allow yourself to Rediscover Your Source.


Stone Massage

Our Philosophy

At Yuan Spa, we recognize that optimal wellness comes from embracing the body, mind and spirit. Health and wellness are reflections of our commitment to creating a balance between expending and restoring our human energy.

Spa Massage

Deep in our bones, we are connected to the rhythmic pulses of the universe.

• The daily rising and setting of the sun
• The changing of the seasons
• The ebb and flow of the tides

Spa Massage

In the same manner, our lives have a pulse, a wavelike movement between activity and rest. Balancing this is critical in all dimensions of our being.

While enjoying a complete sensory experience, we invite you to Rediscover Your Source to be the person you are meant to be, to live out your created purpose, to celebrate your authentic self.

Welcome to Yuan Spa.

Talented Experts

Years of experience. Unique Expertise. Unmatched passion.


At Yuan Spa your appointment becomes an escape, your visit becomes a ritual, and you allow yourself to
Rediscover Your Source...

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