Hair Removal

Yuan Spa offers state of the art waxing techniques. Please choose from the hair removal options below.

Waxing / Hair Removal

Our state of the art waxing technique features the highest quality ingredients, providing less irritation and hair breakage, giving you the smoothest legs, bikini lines and lips, as well as eye brows. 

Please note: *Hydrotherapy is not recommended prior to any waxing service nor is there a discount towards a Hydrotherapy Day Pass with any waxing service*

Please note: *Hydrotherapy is not included, nor recommended prior to any waxing service*


Facial Hair Removal

  • Brow Shaping $28
  • Brow Maintenance $20
  • Lip Hair Removal $15
  • Chin Hair Removal $20
  • Jaw Hair Removal $22
  • Full Face Hair Removal $60

Upper Body Hair Removal

  • Hand Hair Removal $15
  • Under | Half | Full Arm Hair Removal $28 | $30 | $48
  • Shoulders Hair Removal $20
  • Half | Full Back Hair Removal $35 | $65
  • Chest Hair Removal $50
  • Abdomen/Stomach Hair Removal $40
  • Nape Neck Hair Removal $23

Lower Body Removal

  • Half Leg Hair Removal $45
  • Full Leg Hair Removal $70
  • Bikini Wax Hair Removal $40
  • Slim Bikini Wax Hair Removal $58
  • Brazilian Wax Hair Removal $85

Please note: *Hydrotherapy is not included, nor recommended prior to any waxing service*


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