Frequently Asked Questions

Before You Arrive

How early should I arrive?

We kindly ask that all guests arrive at least 10 minutes before their scheduled appointment times. This allows for ample time to find parking, use the restroom, and attend to any other needs before the service begins, ensuring each guest receives the maximum amount of dedicated service time.

What should I bring with me for my reservation?
You are not required to bring anything for your appointment unless you are scheduled to use the hydrotherapy facilities. Hydrotherapy is a co-ed space; meaning swimwear is required and we do not provide this for you.

Are there any forms I must do prior?
Yes, if it is your first visit with us, we will have an Intake form for you to fill out. We will also require this for any clients who have not updated this form since August 7th, 2023, due to this form being updated. There are additional forms that will need to be filled out in spa for the following instances, receiving a service in the first trimester of pregnancy, minor receiving a service, or if it is your first time getting a wax service done with us.
Do I need to inform you of any medical conditions prior?
When booking your treatment, kindly inform us of any physical ailments, medical conditions, or allergies you may have. It’s important to also disclose if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, a heart condition, or any other medical concerns to our practitioners. Your treatment will be tailored to accommodate any special needs or requests you may have.

If you have any inquiries regarding a spa treatment and its implications on your health, we recommend consulting with a medical professional. Please be aware that if you are in your first trimester of pregnancy, you will need approval from your healthcare provider before receiving services for your safety.

Can I bring food or beverages?
No, bringing outside food and beverages into the spa is not permitted. We provide a limited assortment of snacks, along with hot tea and water for your enjoyment during your visit.

Cancellations and Returns

What is the cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy applies to all scheduled appointments. For bookings of up to two services, we require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice to cancel or change your appointment. For reservations involving 3-5 services, we require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice. For group reservation of 6-9 appointments, we require a minimal of 72 hours’ notice. Within the cancellation window, 50% cancellation fee will be charged. Any appointments cancelled after the scheduled start time will incur a 100% charge. Large group booking of 10+ appointments and private bookings will have separate cancellation policies discussed upon booking.

*Changes include rescheduling to a different day or time.

What if I am feeling unwell? Will I still be charged a cancellation fee?

If you are feeling unwell, please contact us to cancel your appointment in advance. Please be aware that cancellation fees will still be applicable for “no-shows” or last-minute cancellations due to illness.

Does the cancellation policy still apply to reservations made within the cancellation window?
Yes, appointments made during the cancellation window remain liable for any fees associated with cancellations or changes made after booking.
What happens if I am late?

Late arrivals reduce the duration of your treatment. Your treatment will still conclude on schedule out of consideration for the next client. While we’ll strive to accommodate your appointment based on your arrival time, we can’t guarantee the full service length. Please note 100% of service cost still applies for arrivals halfway through the scheduled time.

What is the cancellation policy for Hydrotherapy?
The same cancellation policy will apply for Hydrotherapy reservations.
What is the return policy for purchases?
Returns of products are eligible for Yuan Spa credit within 14 days of purchase, provided they remain unopened and unused. Services, Gift Certificates/Cards, and Series purchases are non-refundable.

During your Visit

Is Hydrotherapy included with my service?
No, hydrotherapy is a separate reservation that must be booked in addition to any services as we have occupancy limitations for this space.
Do I get a locker and robe to use?
Because of space constraints, lockers are only provided in advance for guests receiving multiple services or using the hydrotherapy area. For those having a single service, lockers will not be set up by default, but we’re happy to do so upon request during check-in, subject to availability.
Can I use my cell phone/electronic devices during my visit?
No, phones and electronic devices are prohibited beyond our locker room doors. This policy is in place to guarantee the safety, privacy, and ultimate relaxation of all our guests. If you need to use your device, please feel free to return to the lobby until you are finished.
Can I bring champagne/alcoholic beverages to celebrate a special occasion?
No, alcohol is not permitted within the spa.
What is the expected volume level in common spaces?
Please maintain conversations at a minimal, whisper level to ensure a tranquil environment for everyone in the space seeking utmost relaxation. If our staff or other guests observe that your volume is disrupting the relaxation of others, a gentle reminder on maintaining lower volume levels will be provided.
What do I wear for service?
Feel free to undress to your preferred comfort level. During a massage, our therapists will use draping techniques to ensure your privacy. However, if you feel more comfortable wearing undergarments, please do so. For treatments involving water rinsing or specific waxing services, we recommend bringing a bathing suit.
Is gratuity included in the service cost?

Gratuity is not automatically included for reservations with less than 3 guests. For group reservation of 3 or more guests, an automatic 20% gratuity will be applied to all appointments booked.

Do I still need to check out if I booked online?
Yes, even if you schedule your appointment online, we require you check out at the front desk with our staff. Payment is not processed beforehand, and we’ll require a physical card to swipe for payment at the time of check-out.
Can I pay for someone else in advance?

If you wish to cover someone else’s appointment cost, feel free to reach out to the spa directly for setting up payment in advance. You are also welcome to purchase a gift certificate online or in person.

Do you accept Apple Pay?

Regrettably, at the moment, we do not have the capability to accept Apple Pay and require physical cards or cash for payment.