Massage Therapy

Our highly skilled team of massage therapists excel in all areas of style and technique.  Find your perfect service for self care among our many massage offerings.

Massage Therapy

Nurture your body & soul with the healing touch of our massage therapists. Yuan Spa provides Eastern & Western massage treatments.

Hydrotherapy 1-Hour Reservation only $30 with any Massage Therapy Service (Hydrotherapy must be booked separately).

Services for Minors

Please contact our spa directly for reservation due to limitations. For more information on our policy regarding appointment for minors please refer to the bottom of our main services page.

Standard Massage Styles

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is geared towards those wanting deeper, firmer pressure.  Firmer pressure strokes on the deeper level muscles of the body will help to relieve chronic muscle tension and pain, improve mobility and circulation.  Please let your Massage Therapist know if you would prefer to target specific problem areas (or book our Treatment Massage), as this is typically a massage over the full body during your session.

Weekday :: 60 min  $155  /  90 min  $225

Weekend (Friday-Sunday) :: 60 min  $165  /  90 min  $240

Classic Swedish Massage

Lighter pressure, and more general massage strokes comprise this classical European technique. This massage is geared more towards relaxation without any deep treatment work.  While providing tonic for the soul, this massage can help improve the function of the circulatory, lymphatic, muscular and nervous systems.

Weekday :: 60 min  $155  /  90 min  $225

Weekend (Friday-Sunday) :: 60 min  $165  /  90 min  $240

Yuan Chinese Signature Massage

Our owner’s Signature blend of Chinese Tuina, Acupressure, Table Thai (where the therapist may get on the table for counterbalance stretching), Tapotement (rhythmic tapping) and Lomi Lomi massage, this uniquely therapeutic treatment is designed to both balance and energize your body working with the Chinese meridian lines of your body and centuries old Asian techniques.

Weekday :: 60 min  $155  /  90 min  $225

Weekend (Friday-Sunday) :: 60 min  $165  /  90 min  $240

Treatment Session

This service is not a massage, but a session geared towards those with specific therapeutic needs such as back or neck pain, frozen shoulder or other concerns that can benefit from therapeutic bodywork. Our therapists may take a slightly longer intake to fully assess, use specific tests and range of motions, pin and stretch, active release and neuromuscular therapy to determine a treatment plan based on their findings. It may be recommended for a series of sessions to address each individual’s concern(s)

Weekday :: 60 min  $155  /  90 min  $225

Weekend (Friday-Sunday) :: 60 min  $165  /  90 min  $240

*this service should not be considered a replacement for medical treatment

CBD Massage

Experience the benefits of CBD with hemp-derived cannabidiol. Rich in anti-inflammatory, hydrating and cell stimulating properties, CBD has been shown to increase relaxation, decrease pain, reduce soreness and muscle fatigue, lower joint inflammation, decrease discomfort associated with peripheral neuropathy as well address many skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. 99.9% CBD Isolate.  Every 1oz contains 150mg of CBD.

Weekday :: 60 min  $180  /  90 min  $250

Weekend (Friday-Sunday) :: 60 min  $190  /  90 min  $265

First Trimester Mother-to-Be Massage

Massage in the first trimester needs to have OB-Gyn or Midwife approval. The Body Cushion system may be used for this session.

Weekday :: 60 min  $165  /  90 min  $235

Weekend (Friday-Sunday) :: 60 min  $175  /  90 min  $250

Second and Third Trimester Mother-to-Be Massage

The nine-month journey of nurturing is a special time for both child and mother. Pregnancy massage focuses on special body needs in preparation for childbirth. Focusing on areas of stress – lower back, neck, hips, legs and feet; much needed relaxation and physical relief is given to nurture both Mother and baby. The Body Cushion system may be used for this session.

Weekday :: 60 min  $165  /  90 min  $235

Weekend (Friday-Sunday) :: 60 min  $175  /  90 min  $250

Two Hour Massage

Two hours of relaxation and therapeutic massage. Combinations of Swedish, Deep Tissue and various modalities can be customized between you and your massage therapist.

Weekday :: 120 min $310

Weekend (Friday-Sunday) :: 120 min $330

Couples Massage ***limited availability – please call the spa***

Enjoy a side-by-side massage in our beautiful spa suite. Select any 2 massages from above to create a shared experience! Couples massage must be booked over the phone, please call to book :: 60 min   /  90 min   Price is the cost of the two massages chosen

Bellevue 425-449-8788

Totem Lake 425-896-8026

Specialty Massage Styles

Hot Stone Massage

Heated stones are used with warm oils to soothe muscles. The warmth from the stones helps relieve tight muscles and increases circulation.

Weekday :: 60 min  $175  /  90 min  $245

Weekend (Friday-Sunday) :: 60 min  $185  /  90 min  $260

Smooth Stone Massage

A mixture of hot stones and cold marble are alternately used. Hot and cold contrast therapy on the muscles will maximize circulation and help promote healing and relaxation.

Weekday :: 60 min  $175 / 90 min $245

Weekend (Friday-Sunday) :: 60 min  $185 / 90 min $260

RADically Deep Mobility Massage

Incorporating tools from RAD roller, this treatment-oriented massage will mobilize and work more deeply than hands alone. The RAD helix roller, recovery rounds and massage tools are all made with eco-friendly medical grade silicone and allow for extremely deep fascial and muscular work . This massage is suited for those who like very deep pressure, and love the idea of massage that “hurts so good! “Please drink plenty of water before and after this massage or you will be sore.

                                                                                         Weekday :: 60 min  $175 / 90 min $240

                                                                                         Weekend (Friday-Sunday) :: 60 min $185 / 90 min $255

Advanced Mobility Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy™ (FST) and SOMA Neuromuscular Integration® are based off the latest science in soft tissue, fascia and the nervous system.  Dynamic facilitated stretching provides optimal improvement in mobility, flexibility and functional movement.  Come to your sessions in comfortable, yoga-style clothing.  A combination of bolsters, pillows and straps may be used in your session

Weekday :: 60 min  $185  /  90 min  $255

Weekend (Friday-Sunday) :: 60 min  $195  /  90 min  $270

*Ideally, these types of services should be done in series. (Series are Buy 5, Get 6) Your LMT can work with you to determine the best plan for you for optimal results.

Lomi Lomi Massage

This sacred healing art utilizes deep long strokes performed by using the forearms and elbows for a profoundly therapeutic experience. Fragrant coconut oils take to you the Hawaiian Islands

Weekday :: 60 min  $165  /  90 min  $235

Weekend (Friday-Sunday) :: 60 min  $175  /  90 min  $250

Thai Table Massage

Table Thai massage leaves you in a state of sublime relaxation. Release muscle tightness and tension and restore flexibility through the smooth, rhythmic, flow of Thai stretching. The guest’s body is moved into stretching postures by the therapist’s arms, hands, legs, and feet with deep breathing. This massage will leave you feeling energized through compression which opens the energy meridians.

Weekday :: 60 min  $175  /  90 min  $245

Weekend (Friday-Sunday) :: 60 min  $185  /  90 min  $260

*Guests are fully clothed during treatment; yoga attire or loose fitting clothing is appropriate.

Warm Bamboo Massage

For generations, bamboo has been regarded as a Chinese symbol for longevity. Here it is used for this holistic health therapy.  Heated pieces of hollow bamboo combine with Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques to bring an extreme sensation of relaxation and well-being, reduce tension, make skin more supple, relieve tightness in muscles and tendons, stimulate the flow of blood and lymph, and regenerate and revitalize the body.

Weekday :: 60 min  $175

Weekend (Friday-Sunday) :: 60 min  $185

Recommended Enhancements $20

  • CBD “Icy Hot” Spot Treatment
  • RAD Mobility Roller
  • CBD Dead Sea Salt Scrub | Great for Back or Feet
  • Fat Burning Elasticizing Oil | +16% Skin Firmness
  • Cupping Spot Treatment | Gua Sha Spot Treatment *please note that this service may leave red marks
  • Hot Stone | Cold Marble Spot Therapy
  • KT Tape Application
  • ASMR “Power Nap” Mini | Tranquility Oil and Brushes
  • Hair & Scalp Mini | Circle Chronicles Hair Masks
  • Aromatherapy | Yuan Signature Blends
  • Sugar Scrub | Seasonal Offerings
  • Paraffin Therapy | Hands or Feet
  • Apricot Oil | Hydrating & Healing
  • Stone Crop Arnica Oil | Anti-inflammatory

Enhancements may only be booked with full service. They cannot be booked as single service.


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