Massage Therapy

Replenish your source at Bellevue’s Yuan Spa. Please consider one of our massage treatments below.

Massage Therapy

Nurture your body & soul with the healing touch of our massage therapists. Yuan Spa provides Eastern & Western massage treatments & includes a complimentary visit to our hydrotherapy area.

Yuan Signature Massage

A signature blend of Chinese Tuina Acupressure, Thai Stretching, and Lomi Lomi massage, this uniquely therapeutic treatment is designed to both balance and energize your body.
:: 60 min  $125  /  90 min  $185

Thai Herbal Massage

This treatment takes its inspiration from ancient Thai bodywork that combines yoga, acupressure and reflexology dating back 2,500 years. A full body massage joins aromatic Thai herbs which are pressed along the meridians of the body. This exotic treatment increases circulation, joint flexibility, and energy flow.
:: 60 min  $145  /  90 min  $205

Hot Stone Massage

Heated stones are used with warm oils to soothe muscles. The warmth from the stones helps relieve tight muscles and increases circulation.
:: 60 min  $145  /  90 min  $205

Smooth Stone Massage

Heated and cooled stones are used with warm oils to soothe muscles. The warmth from the stones helps relieve tight muscles and increases circulation.
:: 60 min  $145 / 90 min 205

Ashiatsu Massage

Your body surrenders to the force from above as the skilled practitioner uses their feet to “walk through” the muscle layers to alleviate tension and stress. Bars are used above the client’s body for balance, support and precise pressure. A wonderfully deep, luxurious massage.
:: 60 min  $135  /  90 min  $195

Thai Table Massage

Table Thai massage leaves you in a state of sublime relaxation. Release muscle tightness and tension and restore flexibility through the smooth, rhythmic, flow of Thai stretching. The guest’s body is moved into stretching postures by the therapist’s arms, hands, legs, and feet with deep breathing. This massage will leave you feeling energized through compression which opens the energy meridians.

Guests are fully clothed during treatment; yoga attire or loose fitting clothing is appropriate.
:: 60 min  $135  /  90 min  $195

Lomi Lomi Massage

This sacred healing art utilizes deep long strokes performed by using the forearms and elbows for a profoundly therapeutic experience. Fragrant coconut oils will take to you the Hawaiian Islands
:: 60 min  $135  /  90 min  $195

Mother-to-Be Massage

The nine-month journey of nurturing is a special time for both child and mother. Pregnancy massage focuses on special body needs in preparation for childbirth. Focusing on areas of stress – lower back, neck, hips, legs and feet; much needed relaxation and physical relief is given to nurture both Mother and baby. The Body Cushion system may be used for this session.
:: 60 min  $135  /  90 min  $195

Deep Tissue Massage

Slow, firm and specific strokes help to relieve chronic muscle tension and pain, improve mobility and circulation. This massage melts away stress and brings your body back to a relaxed state.
:: 60 min  $125  /  90 min  $185

Swedish Massage

This classical European technique of manipulating muscles is both relaxing and invigorating. While providing tonic for the soul, this massage can help improve the function of the circulatory, lymphatic, muscular and nervous systems.
:: 60 min  $125  /  90 min  $195

Two Hour Massage

Two hours of relaxation and therapeutic massage. Combinations of Swedish, Deep Tissue and various modalities can be customized between you and your massage therapist.
:: 120 min $240

Lymphatic Treatment

This light and soothing therapeutic treatment is specifically designed to activate the lymphatic system. It draws out contaminated fluid from the tissues to promote the removal of bodily toxins and waste, and encourages a healthy immune system.
:: 60 min  $135

Couples Massage

Enjoy a side-by-side massage in our beautiful spa suite. Select any 2 massages from above (excluding Ashiatsu) to create a shared experience! Couples massage must be booked over the phone, please call 425-449-8788 to set up your next visit.
:: 60 min   /  90 min   Price Varies

Recommended Enhancements

  • Cupping Therapy $65 (30 min)
  • Gua Sha Therapy $65 (30 min)
  • Foot Massage $65 (30 min)
  • Aromatherapy $15 (no extra time)
  • Sugar Back Scrub $20 (no extra time)
  • Hot Stone Spot Therapy $20 (no extra time)
  • Paraffin Therapy (Hands or Feet) $20 (no extra time)
  • CHABA Massage Oil (Cannabis Infused Oil) $20 (no extra time)

Enhancements may only be booked with full service. They cannot be booked as single service.


At Yuan Spa your appointment becomes an escape, your visit becomes a ritual, and you allow yourself to
Rediscover Your Source...


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