Stone Massage
Stone Massage
Stone Massage

Make Your Practice of Self-care Monthly and Enjoy Member Discounts:

You can sign up for a membership by visiting our Bellevue or Totem Lake locations in person.


Membership $169/month

(over $273 in value)

1 monthly Service Benefit, 2 monthly Hydrotherapy passes

(Benefits can be used 7 days a week in both Bellevue and Totem Lake)

Membership is a minimum of a 6-month agreement. After 6 monthly payments all plans automatically are billed at a month-to-month basis.


It’s Time to Take Care of You

Come join our Monthly Membership and get the most out of self-care at Bellevue and Totem Lake.

What our current Members have to say:

“This place is a gem! The atmosphere is relaxing and we absolutely loved the hydrotherapy spa along with eucalyptus steam room.  They also have a sauna and relaxation room.  Prices are reasonable and we loved it so much we joined their membership!”

“Beautiful & clean spa. Most importantly the massage was perfection. Communicate what you need and want, they will deliver!  I ended up getting a membership after my first visit cause I knew I would come back a lot. Besides membership benefits, you get 20% off any extras you buy.”

Sign up for a plan and enjoy your monthly services. With an Active Membership*, Yuan Spa allows services and hydrotherapy passes to roll over for up to six months

*Active Membership refers to continuing monthly charges. All benefits expire if Membership is cancelled or monthly dues are no longer paid.

60-Minute Monthly Service Benefits

Your choice of one of the following:

Stone Massage
Stone Massage
Stone Massage

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I join?  You can sign up for a new membership by visiting our Bellevue or Totem Lake locations in person.

How long is a Monthly Membership for?  Our memberships require a minimum 6-month contract, after which they will automatically renew. You have the flexibility to cancel at any time after the initial contract period or choose to remain a member for as long as you wish.

What if I can’t use my Monthly Benefits during the month?  No problem – your Benefits will “roll over” for up to 6 months with an Active Membership*.  Just come in the following months and use your stored up Benefits.

(*Active Membership means that you are still incurring monthly charges and that your account is not frozen or lacking any monthly membership dues. All benefits will expire if Membership is canceled or monthly dues are not paid.)

Can I use my Membership at all locations?  Yes of course!  We would love you to try both our Bellevue and Totem Lake locations, and your Membership services and Hydrotherapy can be used at either.

Will Yuan Spa inform me before each Benefit expires?  Unfortunately, no.  Our system does not track your Benefits for you, so the responsibility to utilize Benefits within their eligible window is that of each Member. Please be aware all Benefits will expire after 6 months if unused.  Not sure?  You are always welcome to contact the spa at any time to get your Benefit count.

Can I “freeze” my Monthly Membership? Yes!  After fulfilling the first 6-month contract, your Membership can be frozen at any time for up to 3 consecutive months once every year.  Freeze form available HERE

Can I use my Monthly Benefits while my account is frozen? While frozen, your Benefits will be unavailable, but when you resume your Membership, your Benefits will continue to carry over from exactly where you left off with us – your three month freeze will not be counted towards your 6-month “roll over”.

If I cancel my Monthly Membership, can I still use any stored up Monthly Benefits and Hydrotherapy passes?  Unfortunately no.  Your Monthly Benefits will only “roll over” with an Active Account.  Once your account is cancelled, any remaining Monthly Benefits will lapse. Cancel form available HERE

What if I need to cancel prior to the 6 months?  We’d hate to see you go, but understand that circumstances sometimes change. If you cancel your Membership prior to the 6 months, we just need you to pay back any discounts that you’ve received.

Can I give my Monthly Benefits to someone else or Family?  Your Hydrotherapy passes may be shared with your permission with anyone.  Your Monthly Service and other discounts are to be used by you alone.

What is the difference between a Series and a Membership? 

  • Membership provides services monthly, with larger discounts and shareable Hydrotherapy passes (with continued Membership, benefits expire after six months)
  • Series provide six services at discount with no Hydrotherapy passes (series expire after one year of purchase)

Can I use my Monthly Benefits towards Services other than those included on the Monthly Membership? Yes!  If you have a current Monthly Membership, the Membership Service Cost can be applied towards any of our other services, so you are welcome to enjoy any of our services and only pay the difference. ($155 will be deducted from any higher priced service, limit one per service)

Can I come to the spa more than once a month with my Monthly Membership?  Yes!  You will receive a 20% Membership discount on any additional services in any given month.

Do I get any other discounts as a Monthly Member?  Yes!  You will receive a 10% discount on any retail purchases from our Spa Boutique.

Have unanswered questions?  Please click here to email our Management Team, and we’re happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Membership Freeze Form: HERE

Membership Cancellation Form: HERE (*note – if cancelling prior to 6 months, you will need to contact management for your cancellation charge amount. If cancelling after 6 months, please put $0)

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Monthly Massages, Facials, or Treatments, Hydrotherapy Passes, Member Discounts & more… ask at the Spa for more details.

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