Therapeutic Body Treatments

Enjoy a complete sensory experience at Bellevue’s Yuan Spa. Please consider one of our body treatments below.

Full Body Therapeutic Treatments: Wraps, Scrubs and More

Our body therapy treatments go beyond pampering. They are a showcase of our passion for and knowledge of the human body and the power of botanicals to naturally treat, heal and revitalize the body and soul. Hydrotherapy Day pass only $20 with any Therapeutic Body Service

*note: If using Hydrotherapy, we always recommend use of the pools, sauna and steam prior to Body Services

Body Service Series:

Love our Therapeutic Body Treatments, but Fear Commitment?

Our Therapeutic Body Services can be purchased as an interchangeable Series for a 20% (average) discount.  You and your sweetheart can try the ASMR Tranquility Therapy one month, the Hair & Scalp Therapy another, and one of our botanical wraps the third!

:: 6 Services of your choice  $700, series never expire and can be shared within households.

ASMR Tranquility Therapy with Comfort Zone

The autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin.  In our go-go-go world, we can lose track of our calm center, plagued by stress and even insomnia. Studies show that ASMR therapies can lower heart rate, repair sleep patterns, and restore overall health. This deeply relaxing service uses our patented Comfort Zone Tranquility brushes and feather-light finger movements down the meridians of the body. Comfort Zone Tranquility Oil and Body Lotion combine lavender and other soothing essential oils to tap into your body’s olfactory and parasympathetic nervous systems to help you rediscover your inner calm, and repair your body’s sleep rhythms.
:: 60 min  $140 / 90 min ASMR with Tranquility Hand Cream and Paraffin $195

Fall Seasonal | Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub & Body Butter

Jump into Fall with these seasonal sensations from Lalicious. Dry Brushing to prepare the skin, followed by Lalicious’ whipped sugar scrub composed of creamy pumpkin, cinnamon spice, and buttery brown sugar.  Followed up by a quick rinse in the shower and then a hydration application to moisturize and renew your skin with their ultra-hydrating Pumpkin Spice body butter :: 60 min  $140

CBD Scrub & Hydrating Oil

Manual dry brushing is followed by a hemp-derived cannabidiol sugar scrub rich in anti-inflammatory, hydrating and cell stimulating properties. After a quick rinse, enjoy a hydration application with a CBD Oil. Loaded with vitamins A, C and E, cannabis sativa (hemp) seed and cannabidiol (CBD), all of which are proven to keep the skin firm and healthy and slow the aging process. Helpful for inflammatory-related conditions such as skin allergies, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. 99.9% CBD Isolate.  Every 1oz contains 50mg of CBD.
:: 60 min  $150

Hair & Scalp Therapy | The Circle Chronicles

Powerful blends of customized Yuan Spa nourishing oils and botanicals, along with luxurious hair masks from The Circle Chronicles will leave your hair and scalp healthy whether you’re looking for relief from dandruff or eczema, recovery from color damage or thinning hair, or a soothing volume & hydration boost. Warmed oil is applied to the scalp using a Chinese technique of streaming the oil along the Meridians. The scalp and hair are then masked with a customized mix of The Renaissance Circle: extreme repair for hopeless hair and the Circle Chronicles mask of your choice: 

The Spotlight Circle: for extra shine | The Quick Fix Circle: for multi-tasking treatment | The Let it Go Circle: for relaxing moisturizing and softness | The Restless Circle: for elasticizing anti-breakage | The Wake-Up Circle: for revitalizing stressed hair | The Purity Circle: for anti-pollution & purification

The head is then wrapped in a soothing heated compress while the hands and feet are massaged. Hair is nourished and repaired, and the scalp is soothed and healed.  Both Treatment and Hydrating Hair & Scalp options include a take home portion of your mask to continue home care the following week. 

Treatment Hair & Scalp: Aimed at treating dandruff, itchy scalp, and hair loss. Increases circulation, balances scalp pH, and clears follicles, improving the health of the scalp and moisturizing dull, overly-oily hair :: 60 min $135   add multi-masking enhancement :: no added time $10 per mask

Hydrating Hair & Scalp: Soothes dry and heat-damaged hair, promotes health of hair to encourage growth, nourishes the scalp, and leaves a natural shine and luster to rough, frizzy hair :: 60 min $135   add Multi-masking enhancement :: no added time $10 per mask

The Thermal Waters of Pisa ~ Body Peel & Purifying Algae Wrap

with Optional add on: Thermogenic Fat-Burning Microalgae & Elasticizing Oil

Manual dry brushing exfoliates and stimulates the lymphatic system. A uniquely designed self-neutralizing alpha-hydroxy peel of glycolic & lactic acids is painted across body, followed by a full body mask with aromas of citrus and peppermint – composed of thermal water from sources in Italy, renowned for generations for nutrient rich healing properties and two distinct kinds of micro algae: Laminaria and Fucus, utilized for their remodeling, slimming and warming capabilities. This potent mask also contains matcha green tea powder for detoxification and an extra dose of antioxidants. Enjoy a head & scalp massage and while wrapped up and tucked snugly under a weighted gravity blanket. :: 60 min

Optional 30 min add on: Full body thermogenic fat-burning treatment & patented Body Strategist Elasticity Oil for increased cell metabolism

:: 60 min Wrap alone $140 / 90 min Wrap with Fat Burning Microalgae and Elasticizing Oil $195

Regenerative Stone Crop and Turmeric Contouring Wrap

Stone crop (a succulent in the aloe vera family) boasts powerful regenerative properties. Paired with the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric, horsetail, and horse chestnut, this scrub and wrap increases micro-circulation and improves the look of cellulite. Enjoy a head & scalp massage while wrapped up and tucked snugly under a weighted gravity blanket. After a quick rinse, an application of our stone crop contouring cream, containing coffee extract and microalgae, will continue to work on cellulite and diminish wrinkles for hours to come to revitalize and repair your skin.
:: 60 min  $140

Coconut & Monoi Body Resurfacing Stem Cell Treatment

Skin is buffed with a blend of raw sugar cane granules (rich in natural alpha hydroxy acids) for head to toe exfoliation. Virgin coconut oil, mixed with cucumber and comfrey provides penetrating and lasting hydration and essential nutrition to dehydrated skin. Beautifully fragrant Tahitian monoi flowers hydrate and firm. Argan stem cell complex, nutmeg, and a botanical hyaluronic acid with natural shea butter smooths and plumps the skin and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
:: 60 min  $140

Antioxidant Tea & Berry Scrub with Detoxifying Chinese Botanical Wrap

Dark berries are rich in phyto-nutrients and resveratrol which boost cell renewal and prevent loss of firmness that can come with aging. Blueberry sugar scrub with ground flax and poppy seeds exfoliates the skin. The body is cocooned in a wrap of blueberry, bilberry, and guava, along with seaweed and detoxifying Chinese botanicals. Enjoy a head & scalp massage while wrapped up and tucked snugly under a “gravity” blanket. After a quick rinse, an application of a coconut body butter will leave your freshly renewed skin drinking in hydration for hours to come. You’ll see a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and an overall improvement to the look and health of skin.
:: 60 min  $140

Yuan Signature Chinese Body Scrub

***Not Available in Phase Two*** (due to the Hydrotherapy/Steam Room being closed, this service will not be available until Phase Three)

Our Signature Chinese Body Scrub removes excess oils, dead skin cells and opens clogged pores while invigorating your skin with powerful herbal benefits. Traditional East Asian scrub mitts are used to leave your entire body feeling clean, invigorated, and incredibly soft and smooth.

For optimal results, please remember your swimwear and allow a minimum of 20-30 minutes to steam and soak prior to this service. If booking multiple appointments, we recommend this scrub be booked before other massage, facial, or body services. 

:: 50 min  $140

Yuan Signature Chinese Body Scrub Ritual

***Not Available in Phase Two*** (due to the Hydrotherapy/Steam Room being closed, this service will not be available until Phase Three)

Enjoy the detoxification benefits of our Yuan Signature Body Scrub followed by a freshly grated cucumber masque for the face, and a moisturizing application of hydrating oils for the body.

For optimal results, please remember your swimwear and allow a minimum of 20-30 minutes to steam and soak prior to this service. If booking multiple appointments, we recommend this scrub be booked before other massage, facial, or body services.

:: 110 min  $225

Lymphatic Treatment

This light and soothing therapeutic treatment is specifically designed to activate the lymphatic system. It assists the body in draining excess fluid from the space between blood vessels and surrounding tissues to heal injuries and encourage a healthy immune system.
*note: not recommended for treatment of lymphedema or to replace the advice of a medical practitioner

:: 60 min  $135


At Yuan Spa your appointment becomes an escape, your visit becomes a ritual, and you allow yourself to
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