Body Care

Enjoy a complete sensory experience at Bellevue’s Yuan Spa. Please consider one of our body treatments below.

Body Wraps, Scrubs & Treatments

Our Body Therapy treatments go far beyond pampering and indulgence. They reflect our passion for, and knowledge of, the human body and the ability of plants and essential oils to naturally treat, heal and revitalize the soul.

Yuan Signature Chinese Body Scrub Ritual

Enjoy the detoxification benefits of our Yuan Signature Body Scrub followed by an extraordinary moisturizing application. A soothing scalp massage finishes this blissful ritual, leaving you renewed and refreshed.
:: 110 min  $225

Yuan Signature Chinese Body Scrub

Our Signature Chinese Body Scrub removes excess oils, dead skin cells and opens clogged pores while invigorating your skin with powerful herbal benefits. Traditional Asian scrub mitts are used to leave your entire body feeling clean, invigorated, soft and smooth.  If booking multiple appointments, we recommend this scrub be booked before any other massage or body services.
:: 50 min  $135

Ultra-Nourishing Coconut Scrub

Your skin is buffed to perfection with the perfect blend of dry brushing and raw sugar can granules that will infuse your skin with potent virgin coconut oil to give deep hydration and nutrition. This vitamin rich hydrating scrub is applied from head to toe renewing youthful skin and finished with luxurious naseberry body lotion that will lock in hydration and firm the skin while working to turn back the hands of time.
:: 60 min  $130

Age-Corrective Slimming Treatment

This results driven treatment will take your skin on a collagen-boosting retreat to renew, tighten and tone your skin. Combining powerful antioxidants of blueberries and the advanced technology of Natural Retinol Alternative Complex, you will feel your skin elasticity tighten, smooth and see increased collagen working to tone your skin to perfection.
:: 60 min  $130

Herbal Cellulite Treatment

This one of a kind customized treatment will naturally even, tighten, purify and brighten your skin leaving a noticeable, radiant glow and smoother appearance in your skin. While enjoying the aroma of pears, green apples and spices your skin will soak in the advanced technology of stem cells and extracts the will perfect your skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Recommended in a series of 6 for best results.
:: 60 min  $130

Seaweed Detoxifying Body Wrap

A full body seaweed mask that offers overall circulatory stimulation, encourages elimination of toxins, softens and smooths skin giving a total sense of well-being. You are then wrapped and covered with a thermal blanket to help penetrate the nutrients into your skin. The treatment is completed with luxurious hydration application.
:: 60 min  $130  


At Yuan Spa your appointment becomes an escape, your visit becomes a ritual, and you allow yourself to
Rediscover Your Source...


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