Five Elements


Diamond Qi Facial


Knesko and Eminence Gemstone Collection


Pairing up the uber luxe line Knesko (touted by Hollywood Elite for their stunning skin) and the latest Gemstone Collection from Eminence, we bring you this uniquely Yuan Spa experience.  
The Chinese concepts all revolve around Qi, with the universe consisting of the five basic elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. Each of these elements relate to each other to form a proper balance. In the same way, everything on the planet, including humans, must have a relationship with the five elements. Each elements has specific properties which work in conjunction with the rest to balance things out.  Purify, balance and rediscover your skin’s Qi and vitality. 
Each guest will be able to take home their Knesko Diamond face mask (and neck mask in 90min) for a second use at home  
:: 60 min  $165  /  90 min  $215
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